After almost a year of hard work,
CHASING VIOLETS is back with a brand new album called "JADE HEARTS" ! The French sisters Mélissa Fontaine and Sarah Fontaine have surrounded themselves with the best musicians from the Melodic Rock scene like Frédéric Slama, Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley), Paul Sabu (Kidd Glove, Only Child), Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteem, Crossfade), Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream), Bob Harris (Axe), members of Alien, Hardline & Lionville, Christian Tolle (David Reece), Eric Ragno (Jeff Scott Soto) among many others !
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Featuring : Tommy Denander, Paul Sabu, Bruce Gaitsch, Michael Landau, Mike Baird, Göran Edman, Philip Bardowell, Jerry Hludzik (from Dakota), Christian Tolle, Dane Donohue, Eric Ragno, David Mark Pearce, Tim Manford (Dante Fox)…
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